Welcome to our DoubleyBlessed world!


Welcome to my fun, happy, crazy and hopefully informative blog about my continuing journey as a twin mom along with all of the ups, downs, ins and outs of having multiples including the blessings and trials that come with it.

To begin, let me introduce myself, I am Sharline, a mom of 15 month old twin boys and otherwise known as Kaleb and Ryley’s mom. Wife of a Commercial/ Saturation diver who while is at home for a fair amount of time, is also overseas working for a fair amount of time throughout the year making me a full-time working mom slash one-man band for a few weeks at a time.

Having twins has been the most exciting, scary and educational journey for us and without a doubt one of the most rewarding roles of my life to date! Challenges are always present as any mom would tell you but all in all, our continuing journey of discovery and learning with our two little treasures has been so special and I truly feel Doubley Blessed to have the sweetest two boys who call me mama and additionally blessed to have a husband who is the epitome of a hands-on super daddy whom I love even more for being an exceptional parent and my partner-in-crime alongside me through this journey called parenthood.

I hope you enjoy my blog and have fun reading and sharing in this journey with us!